Almost finished!

I didn’t quite make it, but here it is anyway. I wore the dress yesterday to the Turku Medieval Market, and even though it isn’t finished, it got attention. But like someone once said, nobody knows what’s missing..

ImageI got the shirt together but it really can’t be seen under the bodice and partlet. It’s still missing the cuffs however, and all the edges are waiting to be turned under. The kirtle bodice is finished, and nothing else needs to be done with that (except get proper laces), but the skirt hem needs binding. Sleeves look quite good, but I’m still planning to apply black velvet stripes like in the inspiration picture. The silk cap is supposed to be a gold coif (at least the color is right!), and since I didn’t have time to make a hat or a bonnet, I chose to wear a veil over it -just like in the picture and in the Catalogs. After I’ve made the finishing touches you’ll get to see all the layers!

The dress was very comfortable to wear and everything stayed on place the whole day. The straps pull shoulders back, which affects the posture but also restricts the movement of arms. But princesses don’t need to lift their arms very high, do they?


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