CoBloWriMo! + This is me

I stumbled upon this fun thing called CoBloWriMo (Costume Blog Writing Month) which is this August, and as I finally have a little more time on my hands, decided to participate. It encourages you to blog daily (or every other day, or weekly, or bi-monthly) about certain given things. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post, but at least I’ll try to do it  and in this first post I’m supposed to introduce myself. I realized that I have never really done that properly -and even if I had, it was a few years and a few goals ago. So here goes!


I’m a museum lady and a medieval and early modern era history enthusiast from Finland. I have a BA in archaeology from the University of Turku, and I work at the medieval Turku Castle as a cashier. Currently I’m writing my master’s thesis, which -you guessed it!- is about costume history. I started this blog a few years ago as a dress diary and a place to collect all my thoughts and acquired information about the ambitious project I had started. The project since grew to become the thesis, and now I’m using this blog to record my progress. Hopefully you enjoy it!


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