Current Project

Today’s prompt in CoBloWriMo is “Current project”, so I’m going to tell you a little more about the hands-on side of it. In a previous post I’ve explained what my thesis is about, so I won’t stick to any details about that.

In the past six months, after a trip to Krakow in January, I’ve learned myself a bit Polish to be able to read the original documents and source books, and spent dozens and dozens of sleepless nights and work filled days reading and writing. The theory part is now finished, and it’s time to start actually making the garments.

At the moment I’m still partly deciding what garments to make and partly measuring and shopping already. I’ve decided that the dress will include a shirt, a partlet, an underdress, a kirtle and a gown, and a gold coif and a veil. I may or may not add some extra accessories, but we’ll see about that as I go on.


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