How it all got started

Sorry I missed a couple of days of CoBloWriMo! Here’s a new post for today. Today’s prompt is Origin Story, so I’m going to tell you a little about what got me into all this.

It all got started a few years ago when I for some personal reason (don’t quite remember what) needed to read the inventory of Catherine Jagiellon’s possessions or the trousseau (can’t remember which one either). You can read her origin story here, by the way. I had questioned the image that people have about her, at least here in Finland, and what was reinforced in popular culture like novels, or even scientific studies. It seemed a bit one-dimensional to me from the material point of view, and I knew there had to be more. Anyway, the documents dazzled me and left me stunned with their descriptions of her gold tissue gowns, jewel decorated headdresses and gold embroidered silk curtains for the bed, among other things. I wanted to try my hand in something easy first since I hadn’t made a renaissance dress before, and chose a violet cloth dress with black velvet bodice from the inventory. The earlier posts in this blog are about making of that dress.


So, from a personal interest and the need to know more rose the idea behind my thesis: I want to make the documents easily available, explain them and make the Duchess of Finland alive, show that she was much more than some rigid figure in her black Spanish dress.


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