Dressing up in Polish

Today’s prompt in CoBloWriMo is Vocabulary. These past months I have expanded my vocabulary quite a bit: due to the fact that I’ve chosen a subject that deals with things not so familiar to me, I’ve had to learn myself a foreign language.

IMG_20170808_203300 (1)

Princess Catherine Jagiellon was Polish, so naturally she had national clothing items in her wardrobe. Seeing the unfamiliar names and not knowing what they were I just dove right in and contacted some museum professionals in Krakow to help me out in my quest. With their kind help I got hold of some literature to get me started. Bramkas, zawicies, giermaks and kitliks started gradually to take shape in my mind, and I also started to understand other words and sentences and finally learned to read the language a little. Handy skill when about half of the literature you need is in Polish.. I by no means think that it’s that easy, but so far I’ve managed quite well, and the more I read the better I get. So not only I’ve expanded my vocabulary with new clothing terms, but also a whole new language. The things you do for your costuming hobby.. 😀

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